Modern Airport

Modern Airport

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International airport with a modern passenger terminal.


The unique character of the airport makes the model look like real airports from different parts of the world.


Product compatible with Herpa Wings Airport Accessories Jet Bridges (All types).


This product can accommodate:

Aircraft type B&C (e.x. CRJ900, B737) – max. 9


Aircraft type E (e.x. A350 or B777) - max. 2


Aircraft models and accessories shown in photos not available for sale.

  • Product specification

    Size: 4 A4 (29.7x84.0 cm)

    Scale: 1-500

    Cut-out terminal included

    Diorama finished with modeling grass.

  • Method of manufacture

    Airport layout printed on high quality photographic paper.

    The board is made of 1.5 or 3 mm thick bookbinding cardboard.

    The model is equipped with special connectors allowing to connect it with others dioramas.

    Product made of recycled materials. (Except modeling grass).


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