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We are always happy to advise and

help solve your problem!

If you have any questions about our products, we are open to answer your query. If your product has been damaged or there is a problem in the trancport we will always help you. 

How can we help?

Stationary and online shops where our latest products are now available

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Problems with order processing

Delivery takes a long time or the courier company has damaged the package. We will help you in any way we can and try to solve the problem. Almost all shipments sent are insured against accidents and are subject to a claim with the respective shipping company. 

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Product problems

If the product you have purchased is missing an item or has a real defect, we will solve your problem. Please comment on the defect and if the defect was due to an error on our part, we will send you the missing parts or a new product. Please note that the return of goods is limited. 

Social media

Follow us on selected social media and find out more about our products

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Follow @a4airport and @a4streets

See photos of our products and find out about announcements about new sets. Our profiles on Instagram are a source of up-to-date information about plans for new sets or trade shows. Also, we share photos taken by our customers. 


Step-by-step tutorials

See demonstration videos with step-by-step instructions on how to assemble building elements and accessories. Tutorials for selected kits and given elements like jet-bridges are available. More videos for new sets will be available soon. 

Stay in touch

Please contact us if you have any issues

Contact us

Company responsible for A4Airport and A4Streets products

Gentleman Group Sp. z o.o. (LTD)

Twarda 18, 00-105 Warszawa, Poland 

NIP: 525 27 94 597

KRS: 0000794107

REGON: 383852261

(+48) 664 183 906

A4Airport&A4Streets office address

Al. Stanów Zjednoczonych 51/208

04-026 Warszawa, Poland 

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