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ABOUT US  is an attempt to close the passion and skill of airport design in a piece of paper A4. 

Model Airports in A4 format

 Our aim is to create practical dioramas for new and professional collectors.

Easy to store
Small&Big sets
Your scale

Put your model airport whereever you want. Fits in any folder and drawer.

Choose a model airport tailored to your needs. Sizes available from one sheet A4.

Suitable for popular scale aircraft models. Compatible with other accessories

Find your new model airport

New standards of our products in 2022

We are constantly improving our products to make them more perfect, more solid and easier to assemble. 

Better designed buildings

The buildings in the new collection have been designed to be easy to fold.  We have also added new elements such as adjustable Jet Bridges, Airport Vehicles and Light Poles to increase the realism of our layouts

New quality of layout boards

After many trials and tests, we were able to develop a new production method. Thanks to this method all our boards are perfectly cut, which allows them to be joined together without any problems. 

Perfectly cut model grass

We have been able to develop a method to precisely cut the grass and glue them to the boards. This allows the grass to fit perfectly on the board and when combined with other boards there are no gaps between the pieces of grass. 

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“Everything starts with a blank piece of paper”

During the lockdown, when everything was not going as it should, I took a piece of paper and sketched the airport for my models to fit on my desk. In this way, I created ready-made model airports for small and big collectors.

A4 Founder

Inspired by satellite images of real airports

My hobby from a small age is airports and aviation. I love to look at airports on Internet maps and imagine the planes moving on them.  When I design airports I am inspired by my favourite airports such as LCY, ZHR, GDN, WAW and BCN.​

A4 Founder

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Gentleman Group Sp. z o.o. (Ltd)

Twarda 18, 00-105 Warsaw 

(+48) 604 183 906

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