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About us

Model Airports in A4 format for

small and large collectors. 

We have been designing and producing model airports since 2020. We are constantly developing and implementing new solutions to offer the highest quality dioramas possible. 

Our story

It all started with a blank sheet of paper and a passion for airport design. 

Our story
Image by Bao Menglong

How it started

The first sets designed in 2020 and released in early 2021

From the beginning, our aim was to create dioramas of various sizes to play with or present models. Our first set (seen in the photo above) was a prelude to the sets currently on offer. In the first year, we released 24 sets, completed several custom projects and our first B2B orders. But we knew we had to keep growing. 

Image by Bao Menglong
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New quality

Implementation of new production methods and standards 

New board cutting method, higher printing standard, modelling grass and much more. 2022 was a landmark year in which we implemented 2 modular collections, the Display Series and renewed the Real Airport Series collection. We have initiated several business collaborations and trade fair visits. 

Image by Bao Menglong

Further expansion

More new solutions and the A4Streets brand

A3 boards, the first set with ready-made buildings, a new brand for car collectors and much more. Last year we were able to launch the new Display Series collection as well as other interesting sets, including special ones for our new B2B partners. We started the process of implementing a new modular collection.

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Image by Bao Menglong
FRA400 P3.jpg

Current plans and future

Further growth and completely new product formats. 

We started 2024 with the launch of Airport Codes, which offer a completely new format and product quality. In addition to this, we are implementing new sets all the time, from the modular collection to Real Airport Sets. Our ambitious plan is to develop more ready-made buildings and other accessories printed in 3D. 

A4Airport vs other solutions

What our products offer and where they stand out from the rest

Our Offer
Image by Bao Menglong


Ready-made boards in A4 or A3 format that can be quickly disassembled and packed away after play. Layout printed on high quality photo matte paper that reproduces the all smallest details without any blurring. Boards finished in high-quality modelling grass

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Other solutions

Foils that require sticking to a table or other board. Printing on a glossy surface with limited print resolution. Lack of easy storage and requiring a large surface area. Layouts drawn from google maps without knowledge of airport layout design regulations. 

Image by Bao Menglong
52307 P6JPG_edited_edited.jpg

Buildings and accessories

Other solutions

Competing sets containing buildings either offer a very average design or require a very long assembly process. The available 3D solutions are characterised by a high price and low detail. To create a full airport it is often necessary to buy everything separately. 


Buildings and accessories like jet bridges and GSE vehicles for self-assembly printed on photographic matte paper.  It offers lot of details and the folding process itself should not be demanding. We also offer ready-made buildings based on special blocks. 

Image by Bao Menglong

Other solutions

Products based on low-quality materials and produced by unprofessional machinery. Based solely on plastic solutions and may be manufactured in Asia. Many airport layouts on the market illegally based on satellite imagery and use non-commercial solutions. 


Our products are manufactured by us in Poland and are based on high-quality material minimising plastic parts to zero. We are constantly implementing solutions that increase product durability and quality. All our projects are designed by us without using illegal sources. 

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Online catalogues

Check out the catalogues with all our products

Image by Bao Menglong

A4Airport 2024 Q1

Airport Codes 001

A4Airport Special Set 2023

Image by Bao Menglong

A4Streets 2023 11-12

A4Airport 2023

A4Airport Modular Series 2022

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