Personalised model airport service

Do you dream of a model of your favourite airport or would you like to realise your own project? Now it's possible with

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Real Airport Diorama

We will recreate your favourite airport in every detail. We can prepare the whole layout or smaller fragment.

Choose one of the options

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Your own concept

We will prepare a dedicated layout and airport design to meet your expectations and requirements.


We will adapt our dioramas to your needs. We can extend the layout with new boards or change a scale.

Redesing our models


What can we do for you?

From concept to shipping

Stages of order execution

Stage 1 - Concepts for your layout

According to your idea for the model airport, we prepare several layout concepts.  The concept is to be tailored to your needs such as maximum size, budget limit or preferred section of the real airport.  Once the final layout has been chosen, we prepare a proposal with a quotation and production time. 

Stage 2 - Placing an order

If you are not fully convinced, we can make a free demo for you before making a final decision. The demo version shows a small fragment of your custom model airport. After payment of 50% of the project value we start the process of designing a layout while showing you the progress of our work.

Stage 3 - Design process 

Depending on the size of the project, the design process can take between 5 and 20 working days. During the design process, we send the finished pieces to you for evaluation. Once this stage is complete, we move on to printing and preparing the finished boards and terminals for cutting. 

Stage 4 - Shipping of finished diorama

After paying the remaining amount of the order, we prepare the package for shipment. After a few days your package will be delivered to your door. Just set up the boards and glue the terminals together and you can enjoy your custom model airport made by


Example 1
GDN Model Airport

The aim was to create a model of the airport in Gdansk. The layout was to include a newly built terminal and an enlarged apron of the airport. Below you will find a concept of the layout and a sample offer for GDN Model Airport.

Example 2
Extended Modern Airport

We enlarged our basic model of the "Modern Airport" with additional parking spaces and a taxiway. This model can be modified in many ways to suit your needs Below you will find a concept of the layout and a sample offer for this custom diorama.

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Your model airport

Tell us about your dream airport



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