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1/400 Small Airport - Special Set

1/400 Small Airport - Special Set

Collection 2023/2024

Special Set 2023


1/400 Small Airport (with RWY)


Similar set also available in 1/500 scale.


Our first limited edition set. Only 24 of each variant available!


Small regional airport modelled on our Domestic Airport set and small airports in Europe.


The distinctive feature of the airport is the terminal, which was created in a hangar for small private planes. Part of the building was converted into a small terminal with an extension for baggage handling. The building still has space for small aircraft or other airport vehicles (the set does not include opening entrances and interiors). 


In addition, the airport has a small cargo terminal and an air traffic control tower. 

The apron has  C-code stands (e.g. A320) and 1 stand for d-code aircraft (e.g. B767F), which is ideal for cargo aircraft. 


The airport set can be combined with the Small Reg. Airport (SKU: 42305) to create a larger diorama. In addition, the set can have an additional board with a section of the runway which can be combined with Display Runway (SKU: 42303). 


This set is available in 3 variants: 


424230 - 1/400 Small Airport - 1 A3 or 2 A4 (42.0 x 29.7 cm).

424231 - 1/400 Small Airport with RWY - 2 A3 or 4 A4 (84.0 x 29.7 cm)

424232 - 1/400 Airport Set - Small Airport with RWY + Small Reg. Airport (SKU: 42305) + Display Runway (SKU: 42303) - 8 A4 (84.0 x 59.4 cm)


The set is characterised by its easy folding. 


The set includes numerous accessories for self-assembly, including lamps, city and airport buses and city buses. 


Photos taken of a demonstration set. The photos show the set in 1/400 scale. May contain minor imperfections due to first test piece.


Presentation video with folding instructions will soon be available on our YT channel. 


Model aircraft and plastic accessories are not included in the set and are for demonstration purposes only.

  • Product specification

    Size:  2 A4 , 4 A4, 6 A4 (See product description)

    Scale: 1/400

    The product is finished with model grass that is permanently glued to the board. 

    Buildings and other self-assembly accessories are included in the product. 

  • Method of manufacture

    The layout is printed on high-quality matt photographic paper, which allows the model aircraft to move around without any problems. 

    Self-assembly terminals printed on high-quality photo paper for high durability when assembled. Additional markings and special instructions will help to assemble all the elements.

    Printed with the layout specially glued to a 2mm thick cardboard base. The thickness of the board with connectors and paper pads is 3 mm. 

    Protect the product from major temperature changes and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. 

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