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Runway 24/06 - Extra modules

Runway 24/06 - Extra modules

Collection 2022/2023
Modular 500
Runways Series

RWY52:Runway 24/06 (Code: 2C) 


A fragment of a modular runway compatible with other sets from the 2022/2023 collection. 


Dimensions as well as markings comply with the standards used in the aviation world. All separations have been preserved or slightly reduced for the model. 


This kit includes additional runway elements that allow different kits to be combined.


Kit available in three variations:
522130 - Clearway
522131 - Left Module
522132 - Right Module

Compatible with other sets:


Set 522130

From Top:
52217, 522191

From Left:


Set 522131

From Top:
52214, 522191

From Right:
522122, 522132

From Left:


Set 522132

From Top:

From Right:

From left
522122, 522131


Model aircraft and plastic accessories for demonstration purposes only. 

  • Method of manufacture

    The layout is printed on high-quality matt photographic paper, which allows the model aircraft to move around without any problems. 

    Printed with the layout specially glued to a 2mm thick cardboard base. The thickness of the board with connectors and backing is 3 mm. 

    The set includes special magnetic connectors for connecting individual boards of the set with each other or with other sets. 

    Protect the product from major temperature changes and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. 

  • Product specification

    Size: 1A4 (29.7x21.0 cm)

    Scale: 1-500

    The product can be finished with high-quality modelling grass, which is permanently attached to the board. 

    Buildings and other accessories for self-assembly included in the price of the set. 

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