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SCR Model Airport

SCR Model Airport

Collection 2022/2023
Real Airport Series


SCR Model Airport based on Scandinavian Mountains Airport (Sälen Trysil) in Sweden.


Set available in 1/200, 1/400 and 1/500 scale


Scandinavian Mountains Airport is one of the newest and interesting airports in Europe. The airport mainly handles seasonal traffic during the winter, where skiers from Scandinavia and other European countries arrive for winter holidays. The airport has many modern features such as a virtual tower for flight control.


Our renewed set shows includes the entire apron of the airport with berths for 4 C-code aircraft (e.g. A321) and a apron for 3 private aircraft. In 1/500 scale, the entire terminal has been reproduced, including the main entrance to the airport. In 1/200 and 1/400 scale, the layout includes the entire terminal and vehicle hangars.


Airport terminal finished on both sides. The set includes accessories in colours relating to the airport.


Video on this kit and a tutorial on how to assemble the building will soon be available on our YouTube channel.


Set size at different scales:
1/200 - 10 A4 Boards (148.5 x 42.0 cm)

1/400 - 5 A4 Boards (105 x 29.7 cm)
1/500 - 4 A4 Boards (84.0 x 29.7 cm)


Photos taken of a 1/500 scale demonstration set. May contain minor imperfections due to first test piece.


  • Product specification

    Size: Depends on scale (See product description)

    Scale: 1/200 or 1/400 or 1/500

    The product can be finished with high-quality modelling grass, which is permanently attached to the board. 

    Accessories for self-assembly included in the price of the set. 

  • Method of manufacture

    The layout is printed on high-quality matt photographic paper, which allows the model aircraft to move around without any problems. 

    Printed with the layout specially glued to a 2mm thick cardboard base. The thickness of the board with connectors and backing is 3 mm. 

    Protect the product from major temperature changes and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. 

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