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Display Apron 1/72

Display Apron 1/72

SKU: 72221

SKU: 22202

Collection 2022/2023
Display Series

1/72 Display Apron 1


Our first 1/72 scale set. 


Modular airport board designed to display models on a desk, cabinet or wherever you want. 


Set designed to display civilian as well as military models in 1/72 scale and can accommodate up to 1 A-code aircraft.


You can combine the same sets to create a larger diorama.  Another set can be added to each side to create a large exhibition of your models.


Model aircraft and plastic accessories for demonstration purposes only. 

  • Method of manufacture

    The layout is printed on high-quality matt photographic paper, which allows the model aircraft to move around without any problems. 

    Printed with the layout specially glued to a 2mm thick cardboard base. The thickness of the board with connectors and backing is 3 mm. 

    Protect the product from major temperature changes and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. 

  • Product specification

    Size: 1 A4 (29.7x21.0 cm)

    Scale: 1-72

    The product can be finished with high-quality modelling grass, which is permanently attached to the board. 

€12.00 Regular Price
€10.80Sale Price
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